Monday, March 12, 2012

MozyPro & MozyHome coupon code SCOTT saves 15% on automatic, off-site backup

The coupon SCOTT saves you 15% on all MozyHome and MozyPro backup plans. Protect your family data and business records from fire, failed discs, computer crashes, tornadoes, floods or even when that expensive server goes tits-up.

When was the last time you backed up your family data? Oh, you don't have data? What about all those digital photos you took with your iPhone or Droid? What about those birthday movies, or those shots you took at Christmas? What about scans of valuable financial documents, so you're protected from fire and natural disaster? With MozyHome, these backups are automatic. Use the code SCOTT to subscribe and save 15%, set your preferences, and you never have to think about it again until you need to recover what you've lost.

Sure, you do a nightly backup to a harddrive, but what is your off-site policy? What happens if your entire building goes up in a fire? Are your customer records, sales database and irreplaceable product data stored on a secure, redundant, off-site server? Tapes and CDs aren't enough, don't wake up one day to find out all of your hard work has gone up in smoke. Use that code SCOTT for MozyPro to save 15% -- that's just smart leadership, and smart business.

MozyPro® for servers ensures your important server databases, family records, photos or business files are backed up safely and easily accessible. And now, with Mozy Data Shuttle™ service, getting your server data into the cloud is a snap. Mozy copies your data to a server farm

Mozy specializes in services such as remote backup, data backup and backup softwares. The company provides Encryption, Bandwidth Throttling and Data Centers. Customers can access their secured files with Mozy's mobile application for iOS and Android. Reviews indicate that Mozy's backup systems are very efficient and convenient to install. The promo code SCOTT saves 15 percent on either home or business plans.

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